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According to statistics, thousands of people a day search the Internet for the correct link to Kraken, but not everyone can find it. The thing is that scammers use the popularity of the trading platform, passing off their resources as the KRAKEN and deceiving users. But even when luck has smiled at you and you have decided to use the cherished link to the official website, you may be disappointed, because the resource may simply not work.

Do not rush to give up on the Kraken onion marketplace, access problems are usually temporary, but in the meantime, you can use mirrors. A list of working mirrors can be easily found on thematic sites and forums.
Why doesn't the KRAKEN work?
Like any resource on the Internet, Kraken requires technical work, which may cause the site to be temporarily unavailable. However, this is only a small percentage of the total number of locks.The overwhelming majority is the commission of DDoS attacks on the site, which lead to its destabilization. Such attacks are part of a well-thought-out policy of preventing the operation of the resource by the FSB and various competitors, but the creators of Kraken are constantly skillfully coping with such attacks and restoring the trading floor.